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Cuppies ~ $2.50/cuppie, $28.50/dozen (tax included)


Vanilla Sky ~ vanilla bean cuppie w/ buttercream

Sunrise Sunset ~ vanilla bean cuppie w/ chocolate buttercream

Ebony & Ivory ~ chocolate cuppie w/ vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Rain ~ chocolate cuppie w/ chocolate buttercream

Bangarang ~ chocolate cuppie w/ mocha icing

Sass-a-frass ~ red velvet cuppie w/ buttercream

Boom Boom Pow~ vanilla bean cuppie w/chocolate buttercream, caramel, and sea salt



Neverland ~ peanut butter cuppie w/ chocolate glaze and a surprise kiss inside!

The Don ~ Italian cream cuppie w/ a cream cheese icing (pecans & coconut in the cake and icing)

Mary Poppins ~ strawberry cuppie w/ a strawberry cream cheese icing

Lemony Snicket ~ lemon cuppie w/lemon buttercream (Thursday & Saturday only)



Horsebite ~ carrot cake cuppie w/ cream cheese icing

The Traveler ~ chocolate cuppie w/ a brownie consistency and a taste of chocolate buttercream on top

The Resolution ~ the traveler base w/ chocolate, caramel, and pecans on top

Peanut Butter Solution ~ traveler base w/ peanut butter chips inside & a chocolate glaze

Donnie Darko~ chocolate Italian cream cake cuppie w/ chocolate cream cheese icing (pecans & coconuts in cake & icing)


*Specials (Days will vary):

Return to Oz ~ cranberry poppyseed muffin w/ almond glaze (seasonal)

Huxtable ~ chocolate w/chocolate buttercream, caramel, and crushed heath candy

Mint for Each Other ~ chocolate w/ mint buttercream and crushed Andes candy

Sammy G ~ German chocolate cake (ask for the history)

Rooftop Killer~ chocolate cuppie w/peanut butter buttercream

Na-Na ~ banana cuppie w/ buttercream

Coco Chaquita ~ banana cuppie w/ chocolate chips inside & a chocolate glaze

"Matcha"maker~ matcha green tea cuppie w/green tea cream cheese frosting

Punch Drunk Love~ vanilla bean cuppie w/almond buttercream and toasted almonds

Roman Holiday~ tiramisu cuppie

Hawaiian wedding cake (haven't stuck on a name yet) :) vanilla cuppie w/ whipped pudding icing, coconut, & pineapple

Bibbity Bobbity Boo~ (seasonal) pumpkin spice cuppie w/cream cheese icing

Hello Sunshine~ orange cuppie w/orange buttercream

*Menu is subject to change & can vary based on special orders. Every day is a new day so come and be surprised!

Pies ~ $4/slice or $16-25/pie

Apple Praline

Coconut Cream

Fudge (with or without nuts)

French Chocolate



Lemon Luscious

Fruit (blueberry, cherry, peach)

*Please order whole pies at least 24 hrs in advance

Other treats (not all offered daily)

Dreamsicle ~ orange brownies

Sugar cookies

White chocolate craisin oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal scotchies

Chocolate chip cookies